Aloha! I am KJ Sethna, a product coach who helps product managers accelerate their career in product.

I am also the founder of product management as a service Strategyfi where I help companies disrupt themselves before they get disrupted using strategies and tactics of product management.

A little about me


The leader in me is known for being a product evangelist, entrepreneurial, status quo challenger and digital disruptor while the child in me is known for my high energy & enthusiasm.

My experience

T-shaped leader, with a perfect blend of consulting, business entrepreneurship, agency & client-side experience while adopting to any environment and industry.

By working in various portfolios across B2C, D2C, B2B2C to B2B I have gained experience in industry verticals such as Fintech, Loyalty tech, Retail tech, EdTech, Prop tech, Auto tech, pet products, manufacturing, FMCG, liquor, white goods & construction.


  1. Started Karate at age of 5 and became one of the youngest teachers in the world at 15. At 24 represented Australia in the World Karate Championships and 5th International Martial Arts Games.
  2. Started my own business at age of 20 and ran it for 2 years before moving countries.
  3. Built a my first Blog/Vlog with over 25,000 Followers at age of 17. Yup it was about karate!
  4. Left my family business and quit my own business, to move to Australia at 23.
  5. Transitioned my career 6 times, all the way from business, karate coaching, accounting, business analysis, project management to product management.
  6. At 31, I became an executive leader in a global digital agency.
  7. Launched Strategyfi and digitalproductjobs in 2021 to help disrupt the product management space.

Unique Perspective

As part of this journey, I have developed particularly strong and opinionated perspective on product, technology, "Agile", digital product management, lean software development, UX and martial arts.

Yes that's correct, you may find the occasional rant or reference on martial arts here. Put another way: I'm not going to give you some bland perspective πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ!

πŸ“’ These are my "opinionated" takes and ideas on the topics which I feel passionate about, but if you have different thoughts, I'm all ears.

Love to chat? Drop me an email by clicking on the button below or connect / follow me on linkedin & twitter.

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