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Our goal is to build a global product community of practice of like minded enthusiasts, product evangelists and visionaries who help each other.


Due to the maturity of product functions globally and varying experience in the product space amongst leaders, there is NO consistency out in the market on what product management should look like.

However, product management is not rocket science and consistency is clearly required!

We want to address the misinformation and "BS" present and make it simple for everyone involved.

There are many content authors and peers in product doing an amazing job, however there is a gap for someone to connect the dots and guide product people on how to enhance their product careers.

This is what we will do.

Become the connector, the integrator, the coach & the mentor.

Value proposition

  1. All of the content is curated from tested theories and hypothesis in the field by me. If it doesn't work, it wont be mentioned here.
  2. I invest heavily in personal development, by scouring books, videos, newsletters, articles & posts across the web daily for things to learn and improve my personal & professional life, then try to apply it and make sense of it. Along the way, I learn, test and share the lessons learnt here with you for free.

Case study

In 2021 as a product leader and mentor, I helped over 20 people with their career pathways in product from unlocking senior roles such as group product manager to associate product managers earning - 6 figures & getting 30-60% pay raises in various organizations.

How do I curate content

I follow and interact with product peers while conducting my own research by studying content and then experimenting theories/frameworks & tools in the real world businesses to bring you the lessons learnt, insights & resources on what works in strategy, business, product & digital, while also sharing stories from the product & agile community with a fairly different perspective.

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