Product Mentorship Program

Looking to accelerate your career and get your dream role in product but not sure where to start ?!

We offer 1:1 coaching & mentorship for the affordable price of a $3 per month. Think of a product coach & mentor who comes at the cost of a coffee and is always there to guide you in your journey and help you upskill!

Program Details

Upskilling : Product management foundation skills
Job Applications : Resume reviews and interview prep
Mentorship : Access to book weekly 1:1 with product coach
Knowledge : Access to training materials, templates and tactics, we will also be launching a monthly book club soon

Some topics we will touch on

  1. How to create, define and validate a product strategy & vision
  2. How to create a business model that captivates everyone
  3. How to run a successful product discovery - from UX discovery to feature mapping to story mapping
  4. How to prioritize and manage stakeholders feedback
  5. Analytics for product managers and how to generate useful insights for decisions

Register for the program (limited spots).

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