Digest #1 - Invest in the gaming industry or Microsoft!

Digest #1 - Invest in the gaming industry or Microsoft!
5 of Microsoft's largest acquisitions

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TL;DR insight

Insight: Invest in the gaming industry or Microsoft, the shares will rise in the long run!

Microsoft is pouring 68 billion in the gaming industry to solidify its stance on the industry – it already owns about 23 game studios! 🤕

In 2020, they acquired ZeniMax Media (Bethesda) for a whopping $7.5 billion.

Currently there are 25 million subscribers on Xbox game pass and this investment is an average of 2 years of their revenue from that channel.

To put this in context, Facebook acquired Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012 and later WhatsApp for $22 billion in 2019. Those were 2 of the most downloaded apps of the decade.

WT* is going on?

Well, the bigger question yet to be answered is this all for the metaverse buzz or is this just the gaming industry...and if you can’t beat them buy em 🙈

Either which way – it seems like Microsoft are winning the race already and have the capital to burn!

Stat time

World Population: 7.9 billion | Gaming Population: 2.7 billion

🤯 that’s 2 in every 6 people that game!

In addition, it is forecasted that 400 more million people will join in the next 2 years.

Further to this, according to PWC - Games grew revenues 10% in 2020.

Who is next?

As per the Australian Financial Review - "Roblox and Unity, two publicly traded peers in the engine technology sector, trade at about 20-times forecast revenue and game publishers like Activision, EA and Take-Two are at about six times."

Fortnite from Epic Games, has more than 350 million registered accounts globally.
Epic Games’ last funding round saw it raise $US1 billion for a $US28.7 billion valuation in April 2021.

Will Epic go to market for 50b-100b+?

~ Time will tell.

Comic of the week

From Comic Agile #130 - Why we run SAFe.

Research Paper

In most articles on the history of product management they start with 'P&G' and HP in 1900s and brand men. I however, do not agree with this view like some of my peers and wanted to take it further back a few generations to show what really influenced product development & management.

So I explored the rich 300 year history of product development, design & management towards which product management became the leading profession of generations to come from the 1700s to 2021. Product over the last 4 eras has been influenced by politics, ideology, economics, society, culture, science, technology, and medicine, however due to hyper growth in the last decade, the practices of good product and bad product management have spread globally. This has led to a business function for product management & design in majority of the organizations which is still evolving to date.

Take a look at the 4200-word research paper. link

Each week, I scour through content to look for insights, lessons, research & jobs.

Featured Article

Mapping in discovery - Article link

In this article, you will discover how to break down complex problems, create alignment amongst stakeholders and expose gaps. It summarizes various techniques for mapping and shares 3 top mapping techniques in discoveries.

Marty Cagan on The Agile Wire

Marty Cagan is a partner with Silicon Valley Product Group and author of Inspired and Empowered, who is also called as the godfather of product management by some of us!

In this hour-long session, he takes on 2 hosts and their questions in a very graceful way who try to challenge his lessons and knowledge.

If the player above doesn't work, checkout the podcast in this link.

Senior Product Manager – LinkedIn Link

What I like about it – It seems to be working on digital products, with a focus on discovery using evidence-based approaches. They also seem to have a great amount of benefits.


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