Digest #3 - The product space got 'LIT' with Productboard raising $ 125 Million, while Pendo acquiring Mind of Product and Australian Government listing a job for Director of Product Management.

This week product space is hot with Productboard raising $ 125 Million in funding while Pendo acquiring Mind of Product and the New South Wales Government just listing a job for Director of Product Management - WHAT?!

I bring to you - the career pathway guide for Aspiring PMs to Chief Product Officers, everything you need to know to build your career in product & design your product function.

The career pathway guide for Aspiring PMs to Chief Product Officers, everything you need to know to build your career in product & design your product function.
🤔 Let me start off this by saying, due to the maturity of product functions globally and varying experience in the product space amongst leaders, there is NO consistency out in the market on what product management should look like. However, this is not rocket science and consistency is clearly re…

This 3000+ word guide & research paper is based on my extensive experience across industries and scale of organizations by taking them of journeys of product led, digital and agile transformations (some successfully and some unsuccessfully), 40+ hrs of research across 100s of global organizations and most importantly current trends in product management hiring.

The purpose of this research paper is to inform, help and design the perfect career pathway guide for anyone from an aspiring product manager to the head of product or CPO in a fortune 500 company. - link

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Product is entering the Australian government, atlas we are all saved, seems like it pays well too at head of product level.
Link to the role , applications close 8th Feb if you feel like applying - hurry.

Productboard a product management tool stack has raised 125 Million in Series D funding.

Productboard has raised a $125M Series D
Today Productboard announced a $125M Series D funding round led by Dragoneer Investment Group and Tiger Global…

Will you sell your product soul? Well Mind of Product did.
For an undisclosed amount, Pendo product analytics and digital adoption platform acquires its 3rd international company in the last 5 years - Mind of Product. Mind of Product serves a global audience of more than 300,000 product managers, designers and developers. (Where are these folk?!!)

Pendo Announces Acquisition of Mind the Product, the World’s Largest Community of Product Managers
/PRNewswire/ -- Pendo, a company that provides software that makes software better, today announced it has acquired Mind the Product, a product management...

Featured Article

Two in a Box PM - Silicon Valley Product Group
In my earlier article on the six different models of Product Ops I have found in practice, I mentioned that there were two overarching issues behind the most damaging models, and I promised to discuss each further. In my last article I talked about the tendency to think you can scale with process ra…

Sanjeev NC shares the best lines for meetings - great content that shows any aspiring PMs how product managers speak.

Sanjeev NC on LinkedIn: Things you can say in any meeting | 102 comments
Things you can say in any meeting... 102 comments on LinkedIn


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