Digest #5 - Google to let users delete their advertising IDs | Digital maturity & innovation | China is almost 2x sum of the top 9 countries in retail e-Commerce | Mindsets that kill product thinking | The web 3 PM guide | Innovation zone + more.

Unlock innovation using this weeks guide on organizational design and Strategyfi's digital maturity model.

In featured news this week

  • Google is giving back control to users on their advertising ID
  • Coinbase Super Bowl $14M ad a genius move
  • Warren Buffett invests 1b in neobank by dumping Mastercard and Visa stocks.
  • Intel’s US$5.4 billion acquisition of Israel’s Tower Semiconductor

In the charts we look at top 10 countries ranked by Retail e-Commerce in billions and the % change since the pandemic and how China is almost 2X of the top 9 combined. Not to mention the industry forecasted to grow from $3.351 trillion in 2019 to $6.169 trillion in 2023!

In the meme space we have a whacky day in the life of a product manager from workchronicles.

A cheeky rant from me on no such thing as "Right Talent". Stop complaining about talent shortages and set your people for success.

A great Ted talk from Lisa Feldman Barrett about Emotions being Guesses.

Featured LinkedIn posts of the week from John Cutler on successful product teams work, the power of small steps from Liz Fosslien, Seniority and responsibility in PMs by Irfan Cutcu.

With the must read articles featuring mindsets that kills product thinking by Jeff Paton, the web 3 PM guide by Jason Shah and innovation zone by Martin North from Brainmates.

Guide of the week

Every organization truly wants to deliver quality products that customers love. They also want to grow/scale and increase revenue or maintain market share!

Quite often they struggle to address the key gaps from culture, strategy, people, process to tech that impacts their ability to scale, grow and increase revenue. They also then suffer with employee retention and culture issues.

These are organizations that embark on "Agile/Digital Transformations" and then fail. This is where the digital maturity model comes in.

$1.8 trillion was spent on transformation programs in 2021. Digital transformation alone does not deliver the expected return on investment. The evidence shows that Product-Led organizations yield better financial results.

Innovation is tightly locked with an organizations digital maturity and it is part of the culture and strategy across people, process and tech.

In this guide we will look at the digital maturity model and assessment followed by how to unlock innovation and become product led organization.

Why you should care about your organization’s digital maturity and what it has to do with unlocking innovation and having successful transformations.
💡A guide on organizational redesign, digital maturity and unlocking innovation.Every organization truly wants to deliver quality products that customers love. They also want to grow/scale and increase revenue or maintain market share! Quite often they struggle to address the key gaps from culture,…

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Hot in news

Google giving back control
Google takes another step in the right direction for people to control their personalization settings and their own data. Android police reported this week that Google will allow all android users irrespective of their OS version in April 2022 to delete their advertising Ids from the google play store.

-> Link

Coinbase Super Bowl $14M ad a genius move
Coinbase Ad for a 60 seconds paid off big time with installs jumping 309% week-over-week after the ad’s airing Super Bowl Sunday, February 13, and it continued to climb by another 286% the following day.

Super Bowl ads boosted crypto app downloads by 279%, led by Coinbase – TechCrunch
Those Super Bowl ad spots paid off for a number of tech companies not just in terms of exposure, but also app installs, a new report indicates. But Coinbase’s viral ad — which just bounced a QR code around on a black screen like the old DVD screensaver — outperformed the group, wi…

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