Digest #2 - Spotify lost more than $2.8 billion | Google pissed off a bunch of its geeky customers | Test for COVID using your phone camera? | 7 Types of Customers | Dave Wascha on 20 years of product management

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Spotify lost more than $2.8 billion in market value after Neil Young pulled his music over Joe Rogan's podcast - link

Google pissed off a bunch of its geeky customers and then rolled back on its scheme to charge them $$$$ for a service they have been providing for free. - link

Test for COVID using your phone camera? After doing quite a few COVID tests myself this home test app seems like a great idea. - link

Why do they keep hiring POs and not PMs 🧐!? from the panda manage & fluff coach #3 - link

Featured Article

7  Types of Customers - Article link

Ever tried to sell or push your idea across or work in a transformation to only find that some people would be the blockers and others skeptics. Well, in this article, you will discover the 7 different types of customers and how to work with them or around them.


Engage mobilizers with commercial insight, not thought leadership
Equip mobilizers to coach customers toward change collectively

Dave Wascha on 20 years of product management

Dave Wascha is the CPTO at Zoopla and famous speaker in Product. This video is one of my faviorates and has over million views. Starting out in product ? then watch this, it will teach you more about product management in 25 mins than reading 100s of articles on multiple topics.

LinkedIn Post


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