Digest #4 - Why buy a car when you can subscribe - a PM job | World debt at a glance | Antitrust enforcement on Google | Product Ops models from Marty Cagan.

Hot off the press in this weeks digest is the featured guide on managing commitments and becoming better at expectation management.

We also have a featured product manager job from an Australian Startup in the Automotive subscription space who has almost finalized their series A funding.

Featured news on cost of digital marketing malpractice, 17 Billion acquisition rejected, antitrust commission against Google in EU.

In the comics space we have a cool whacky meme about product led growth and a really cool infograph on world debt by country!

Lastly to end this week on a high, featuring a YouTube video of the various product ops models from Marty Cagan to keep your product brain ticking!

This week we published a guide on one of the most important skills of a product manager - the ability to manage expectations and commitments of a wide range of stakeholders.

The hidden responsibility of a product manager is to help build trust and confidence in the product teams with business stakeholders.

In this guide we will explore the purpose of commitments, then look at types of commitments, what a head of product can do to help, what a product manager can do and how to represent commitments to manage stakeholder expectations.

Commitments & expectation management
One of the most important skills of a product manager is the ability to manage expectations and commitments. The hidden responsibility of a product manager is to help build trust and confidence in the product teams with business stakeholders. In this guide we will explore the purpose of commitments…

Subscription : After working with the Australian Automotive space for a short bit, I forecasted that it will be disrupted soon with new models of digital products.

Why buy a car when you can have a subscription for it!

Loopit  a subscription platform provider for the automotive brands is finalizing its Series A round and have posted a job for junior level product manager in the range of $120k AUD. Great time to join.

Its a good role for aspiring PMs or Business Analysts wanting to take a crack at the PM role. Check it out or share with someone you know - link.

1. What is the cost of not following good digital marketing practices required by law and well customer experience?

Well - Sportsbet an Australian gambling service provider is required to pay a whooping 3.7 million in fines, probably pocket change for them for skipping on having an unsubscribe button in their spam emails.

Sportsbet to pay $3.7m in fines and penalties for sending 150,000 unwanted gambling ad messages
Online bookie will pay customers who made bets after receiving marketing spam

2. When you overvalue your organization. Zendesk was offered 17 Billion for an acquisition and the board rejected the deal on grounds that it undervalued the company.

Zendesk spurns $17B private equity takeover offer – TechCrunch
This deal was just too aggressive a bargain hunt to swallow. Whether the company’s activist investors agree, time will tell.

3. Antitrust enforcement against Google in the EU ramp up - yikes! what a hot space to be in right now.

Google’s adtech targeted by publisher antitrust complaint in EU – TechCrunch
Google’s dominance of the online ad market has been targeted by another antitrust complaint filed in the European Union by a coalition of publishers. This time it’s the European Publishers Council (EPC) — whose members include the CEOs of News UK, Condé Nast, New York Times, Axel …

PLG vs MLG: Marcus Andrews the Director of Product Marketing at Pendo shared an interesting meme on LinkedIn of Product Led Growth and how organizations went from Sales led to Market led to Product everything led!

Marcus Andrews on LinkedIn: Product-led growth is the tip of the iceberg friends. You’re already | 27 comments
Product-led growth is the tip of the iceberg friends. You’re already starting to hear it: Product-led sales Product Marketing Product-led service... 27 comments on LinkedIn

Hiring PMs: Are you a founder or startup leader who is thinking about hiring product managers?

Here's something that might help from Sidu Ponnappa, in this detailed paper he has addressed some pretty interesting points for the PM role and organizations needs - link.

LTV v/s CPA: If you are growing a product and wondering what is important when running Paid Media - Paid Per Click (PPC) campaigns. This article sums up what is most important between Lifetime value (LTV) vs  Click Per Acquisition (CPA).

A good starting point for marketing for dummies.

LTV or CPA: Which Matters Most When Scaling a Business?
When running PPC campaigns or investing in SEO to scale a business, most people are concerned with two things: lifetime value and cost per acquisition. But which is more important to focus on for bottom line growth? Here’s the answer and why.

5 Phrases Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Consistently Use: This article summaries 5  interesting phrases for building out EQ. - Link

Metaverse: This week my idea for retailers for the Metaverse is to help them connect the gaming world and the physical where the physical integrates with the digital.

2 Ideas to quickly monetize and promote your products

  1. Customer buys physical product they should get the meta version for fraction of a dollar or even better yet free. Think Robolox Nike shoes!
  2. OR  they buy the digital product in-game and then get the physical delivered to their house.

World Debt: With COVID the worlds debt has gone up significantly. Here is a rundown for the major countries from the visual capitalist.

Note, Japan may be the highest and is mostly owed to the Japanese people in the form of government bonds and owes each of its citizens about 7.5 million yen!

That's a whooping 95% of its debt is held domestically.

Product Ops: Marty Cagan talks about the article he wrote in detail on product ops and the different models. This is a very interesting 50 min video with some nuggets of insight and some interesting models such as the force multiplier model {timestamp}.

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